What is Negative SEO

Negative SEO, also referred to as Black Hat SEO, is a practice that involves sending out malicious attacks on high ranking sites with the aim of de-ranking them and ranking your site higher. Black hat SEO floods the search engines with false keywords causing Google and other machines to ignore, lower rankings, or ban another website or page.

Sites are using less and less negative SEO to rank higher on search engines. However, owners are now switching to using the same black hat SEO to harm other competing sites by reducing their popularity levels.

Does Negative SEO work?

Yes. Negative SEO does work. You can boost your search rankings on Google and other search engines using negative SEO. It works very fast and can earn you thousands within a short period.

The only difference is that it loses popularity fast. Therefore, you only get a short period where you rank quickly, earn a few thousand dollars, and then the earnings diminish. In this, you are lucky if, within that period, Google and other search engines do not flag you out, penalize your site and keywords used, or ban your entire site from the search engine.

All these have detrimental effects on your earnings and any future references and use of search engines. However, the process is quite useful for de-rank popular sites that rate first on search engine results page SERPs. It is crucial to know how negative SEO works and understand the various ways to protect your site from such an attack.

What is Negative SEO Services and how to protect

We provide unique and confidential SEO services that can help you protect your site from malicious SEO attacks. Our services have different classifications depending on your negative SEO needs in restoring your website. If thinking that your place is safe, think again.

Negative or black hat SEO is genuine, highly effective, and can have your ranks fall within a short period or banned from Google and other search engines. We provide working solutions for you in every aspect.

Spam Link building

High authority or quality links can improve your search engine rank fast and easy. The same applies to irrelevant links on your site. They were your ranks fast and can ruin your entire reputation on search engines.

Spam link building is one of the most successful ways of negative SEO campaigns. It is a practice that allows individuals to create as many links as possible on a specific keyword. These can range from low-authority or non-essential links to follow backlinks on different domains, causing a drop in search engine ranking.

Spam link building is accessible and can occur overnight.


Continuously reviewing and auditing your site links is the fastest and most comfortable means of identifying spam links. Once identified, you can write to Google or any other search engine asking to remove these harmful or malicious links. Search engines can help you take them down with a simple request.

You may also identify the website owners for the link build-up and send a request either for removal or for a no follow change, which indicates the link to have no credit. Ensure to log in every claim you make as a backup if you need to create a disavow file later. You should include your name, occupation, or position, and your contact details in the request. Add pages where the links you want removed are and a deadline indicating a timeline for the link removal.

If the request isn't met or owners refuse, add a disavow file after the deadline. Google will take down the links, and your search engine ranks will remain the same as before.

--Adult & gambling Links

Works easy and fast when trying to ruin potential domains that are first in search ranking. You can negatively brand a website using adult and gambling links. Professionals create links from high-quality websites or spam sites with a specific keyword like Viagra online. The experts generate as many links as possible using the keywords they develop. The regular occurrence is something that Google restricts and does not abide, resulting in lower ranking or complete site bans.


These are quite effective in eliminating your rankings. They spread fast, and Google can catch them easily. Therefore, you have a short timeline to identify the adult and gambling links and destroy them before the search engines react.

Here you should proceed to link removal immediately. You spot it. Use the available tools on our site for link removal. Identify the links as most share similar addresses on their IPs. The application will offer you a chance to disavow the link. Click on it and proceed to do the same on every other unnatural link you find attached to your site.

--Link Farming

Links are the best in building quality SEO strategies. However, they are also the most effective when it comes to ruining the same process. It is true one, or two spam links can cause no harm to your high-quality website. But, if one or two sites come together to build several spam links to your site, you go down easy and fast.

Link farming is a practice where different sites build links that utilize the same anchor as your site. These sites have little or no relation to your site. The sites are what we refer to as link farms. Their manipulation can appear as the original site owner doing-especially if the niche keyword matches that of the target website.

These are hard to deal with, especially if you have no knowledge of negative SEO and how to defend your site from it.


Link farming poses a considerable challenge to many websites online. Identifying the challenge early enough can give you a fighting chance against the malicious attack. It is only possible through regular monitoring of the link growth from your profile. A sudden spike in the graph means an increase in link reference and number. You need to review and remove any irrelevant links to your site.

Always review the risks associated with the links. Highlight any suspicious link appearing on your site and disavow them. A disavow file strips the links any power they may have on your site. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise care when selecting these files to reject a high ranking or authority link accidentally.

--Content Duplication (Copy Paste Attack)

It is another successful strategy aimed at discrediting original content owners. Some sites immediately take up your content after publishing it, copy it to theirs, and repost it simultaneously. The action of copying and pasting posted content is also known as scraping. The resulting stories from it are that the original site suffers the consequences.

In most cases, search engines may identify your content as original and, thus, select it for ranking. However, this is on a rare occasion. Search engines are sometimes unable to differentiate one from the other. Therefore, they pick the one they come across first, and thus, your site loses authenticity even though your post is the original one.


Our site provides you with essential tools to check if you have copied items of your work online. In case you come up with content duplication instances, the first step is to contact the Webmaster. However, the Webmaster may believe your work is copied and therefore infringe on the rights of stolen content or not. They can remove the piece, and if you do not prove to be the owner, the part remains in place.

So, what next?

Seek and fill in the copyright infringement report by Google. The information helps search engines recognize your work as the original content source. The search engine follows the normal ranking process and ranks your site first. In other words, your SEO strategy remains intact, ensuring you retain your place on the search engine. Besides, you do not suffer penalties associated with duplicate content on your site.

--Fake review (on GMB,Yelp,Trustpilot)

It is an extraordinary attack on local business and local SEO strategies. Business platforms can experience an influx of bad reviews from clients or known platforms discrediting their services or products. The overall effects are a massive loss in customer services and a drop in local search engine results pages.

The low rating on a fake review impacts a venture's overall sales. Every single star represents trust and quality regard from clients to the site. Search an influx in fake reviews with low ratings and poor SEO strategy, leading to decreased traffic, is the worst combination for your site.

Fake reviews have some unique characteristics making it easy to spot. Reviewers use a single word to describe products or services like 'hate.' Reviews are frequent, for instance, within a few hours or days of each other. Reviewers are not easy to authenticate as they do not leave behind reviews from other companies or links to them.


There is one solution to fake reviews. Flag them to make sure search engines can identify them and help stop their activities before causing other authentic sites to fall. Responses to negative reviews should be honest and polite. However, there is no need to respond to a fake review. Just flag it.

--301 Redirect links (from Expired/Penalized domain)

Ever clicked on a link online only to be redirected to a completely different page? This negative SEO strategy follows the same principle. The website owner may purchase several spam links already penalized by search engines and redirect them to your website as a competitor. The connections become part of your site as search engines index sites resulting in a ban.

The process implies, and many website users are not familiar with it. It makes it a potential danger and most successful negative SEO campaign strategy. However, they may carry less link authority with them, giving you a chance to disavow them before they ruin your website SEO.


Continuous monitoring can help you track any redirect links from expired and penalized domains. Once identified, you can remove them through a disavow file and notify Google of their existence. The step helps limit any form of censure that the search engine may have for your website.

--Link Removal (remove Existing useful links of a competitor)

Sometimes, it is not the adding of quality and authority links that take you down. It is the existing useful links from fellow competitors that can result in poor SEO. Such ventures can ask you to remove their links from your content or site or indicate it as a nofollow losing the quality the link was adding to your site. Others maliciously remove them without notifying you, causing your site to flounder with search rankings.


Always notify and gain acceptance to use links from certain high ranking websites before posting on your site. Seek confirmation after the site is complete to ensure that site owners do not disclaim your connection when the content or site is up and running.

--DMCA Claim

Some competitors want your site out of there, especially if they are losing business to you. Therefore, they go ahead and make a DMCA complaint. It is a copyright infringement case accusing you of copying information, website, or site content across different digital mediums.

If the case proves to be against you, you lose hosting services as providers disable your access. The truth is, some of these actions are not from loyal site owners, which can lead to authentic sites losing their hosting services for no reason except healthy competition.

The complaint is successful as most of the time; the hosting services do not review the site. After receiving notice, they go ahead and disable services without determining whether it is true or false.


Once you receive notice of the DMCA claim, you should respond. The hosting service will still take down the website, but once a response is in hand, they have to resume their hosting services for you. The only other scenario that can prevent resumption is if the site owner with the claim decides to sue within fourteen days after the request.

Since these are scammers and want to trouble you, they do not expect you to respond to the claim. They can also not sue as they do not have the original copy and cannot prove they own it. Therefore, responding to the request becomes your number one solution for this challenge.

--Robot.txt Alter

Another successful attempt on your website often involves your website slowing down to a point where it loses rank. Spammers increase your loading time by increasing crawlers on your site. The site becomes slow, taxing to use, and finally, crashes. It becomes a win for your competitors.


Maintaining your SEO strategy running means keeping your site speed within the top list. When you notice that your site's loading time is down, you should contact your hosting service. The Webmaster may also help reduce the load increasing your site speed once more. The Robots.txt can help resolve any challenges that similar files with altered texts can cause.

---Malware Insertion

Malware is a file sent forth to your website to damage your site or its content. Professionals tend to use malware to take down their competitors as it is useful and highly destructive. May sites with malware attacks often have recent hacks to their history? Most of the malware cause decelerated traffic, can slow down the website, and can result in spam link build-up within a short period.


Conduct regular audits on your website. The aim is to identify every small change or difference in web pages on your website. It can help catch the malware before it activates, assisting you to save your site.

You can use one of our tools to keep track and audit your site regularly, maybe a week, a day, or even in a few hours. Keeping track means identifying some of the malware's possible symptoms, which comprise all of the above negative SEO strategies.

Why choose US

Our Negative SEO services are top-notch and 100% confidential in eliminating any negative impacts within your site. Our professionals have ample knowledge of essential technological tools to revamp your search ranking within a short period.

We identify, remove, and prevent future malicious SEO attacks from occurring through a proper maintenance plan. With us, you do not have to lose sleep anymore, worrying about your high ranking website or content. We are there to keep everything running smoothly and earning you more each day!


What strategies do you use in attacking negative SEO?

Most of the tactics are already provided in the solution section to the negative SEO strategy and campaigns discussed above. The others we keep confidential as full disclosure can lead to infringement or copycats.

Do negative SEO campaigns service offer a guarantee on services offered?

No, there is no offer for a guarantee. In some cases, the sites are too far gone, and search engines are steps away from banning the sites. Some of our solutions may require time to implement for them to be successful. Also, SEO strategies do not work overnight. In other words, we have to assess the work at hand before offering any type of guarantee.

How much time will it take to improve my site ranking?

Period heavily depends on the site authority as of the time you contract our services. In most cases, counteracting negative SEO takes anywhere between 12 weeks and 20 weeks. Therefore, do not be in a hurry as the process takes time.

What about confidentiality?

We preserve client confidentiality whenever contracted to offer services. Your privacy is a priority for us!

What kind of information do you need to accomplish the task?

What we need is your website URL. Additionally, you can give us some of the site keywords that help it rank higher or lower as of now!

How to protect against negative SEO attack

Negative SEO is a common practice for spammers and others who want to destroy legit websites to eliminate competition. These attacks can cause massive destruction for online sites. However, there are many ways through which sites can protect against malicious SEO attacks. These include:

Track Your Website Activities

Tracking is only possible with the right tracking tools like Webmaster. You need to sign-up for the service and allow the agencies to audit and monitor your site. Any suspicious activity will appear on their reports sent to you via email. Search engines can also notify you of any unwarranted action on your site, especially if:

  • There is a malware attack
  • Web pages lack in their index
  • The server is not connecting to your site
  • Receive any form of penalty from Google a

Review Backlinks regularly

Spammer takes advantage of many people set-up websites and leaves them running without regular reviews or monitoring. Therefore, they flood the sites with backlinks that offer no authority. By keeping track of every backlink on your site or content, you eliminate the chances of suffering from spam links.

We provide you with essential link monitoring tools that alleviate the need to monitor them manually. All you have to do is add your site's domain to our tools after signing up. After that, you can receive email alerts through your google account, highlighting all of the analytics.

Protect Quality or High Authority Backlinks

Your strong links are your best features and maintain your SEO strategy. Spammers will try to remove them from your site or content. However, you have to protect them if you are to keep your popularity with google search engines. You can do this through:

  • Recording every communication with webmasters. It keeps a record you can use to prove your website and not someone else's.
  • Keep monitoring or tracking all of your backlinks. Rank them ideally for easier identification or monitoring.
  • You can tag those that you value more than others.
  • Using the tags, you can filter all backlinks on your site to monitor the most important ones.

Prevent Malware

Secure your site from any form of malware. Website security is top-most as you can lose crucial and confidential client information due to malware. Therefore, ensuring malware does not get to your website, you have to:

  • Install authenticating tools if using hosting devices like WordPress
  • Create unique and challenging to break site passwords
  • Have backups of all content on your site
  • Add antivirus to sites where users can upload files directly

Always Check For Duplicates with Your Content

Content duplication is standard practice when online. Checking for duplicate content can help you escape penalties from Google or a drop in rank. You can identify and use duplicate checking tools like Copyscape.

All you have to do is add your website content or URL and conduct a search. The tool will help you identify whether your content is genuine or has other duplicates anywhere else.

Monitor the Social Media Platforms

There are no other better platforms to generate fake reviews than social media. Here, individuals can create fake accounts and the go-ahead to influence their company without consent. Identifying them early before they grow into gigantic proportions can help you mitigate the outcome, which can be devastating.

You can take steps to preserve your brand together with the keywords you have in your content. An alert can go off every time a specific user adds that keyword. You can monitor to know whether it is genuine or flag it as spam.

Maintain Website Speed

If your website takes longer than usual to load, assess to ensure that no one is crawling reports to you within load time. Crawlers can crash your site within a short while, thus the need for fast action to relieve your site. We have the best online tool to help you with this challenge. We can have your site up and running fast and efficiently within a short period.

Use clear-cut SEO strategies.

Sometimes, our sites fall because of the tactics we use intending to improve on our SEO. Here are some that you should keep in mind.

  • Stay away from domains or links with a penalty from search engines
  • Stay away from purchased links
  • Publish a short number of guest posts, making them high quality
  • Use the right density in keywords and a few backlinks to match the content.
  • Stay away from no-follow links.


Search engines play an essential role when it comes to our content online. It is necessary to maintain and regulate your content by creating quality, fresh, and unique samples that people will love. However, protecting and securing your site should come first.

Seek negative SEO services to help you fight and defend your site from attacks.